EKO 4 is a unique translation company with a brand established in 1991 and more than 15 award wins and nominations

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Who are we?

EKO 4 is an international and multi-award winning translation agency. Our brand was established in 1991 and today provides professional language services in more than 70 language pairs and five industry-related subjects for each language pair.

What sets us apart from other translation agencies? First and foremost, our in-house human translation teams are full-time and focused exclusively on your project. Our 1,000 global assessed and native-speaking linguists tweak even the most complex language translations. Our certified official document translation specialists bring more than 55 years of combined experience.

EKO 4 translation agency’s development tech teams utilize the latest software to provide the best product and unmatched pricing for translations delivered on time and on budget. We are the secret weapon for customers in need of full-service web, app or software localization.

With offices throughout Florida, we're close to clients both in-person or online, ensuring your satisfaction with every project every time.

Our translation services are accepted and trusted in the United States and around the world, ensuring guarantee of the thousands of certified translations we deliver each month.

If you are in need for official, certified, notarized document translation, EKO 4 is the service you can rely on. Our premier service and dedicated project managers, means business owners and corporate executives are always ensured a fully compliant translation.


As an award-winning translation agency, all our work meets with and is in complete compliance with the highest global standards, including ISO17100:2015 and ISO9001

For all these reasons and countless more, you can be confident that our work-product guarantees are trustworthy. You have our word on it.

Our international award winning team

Vess Christoph
Joe Wilson


Deploying the time-tested expertise of the best translators, document specialists, project managers, immigration lawyers, and developers makes EKO 4 the premier translation company brand in the United States and around the world. From the latest technology to performance procedures, confidentiality policies and proprietary training materials, the EKO 4 team outperforms other translation providers to deliver unparalleled success for our customers.

Since 1991, EKO 4 has grown from a translation company with a team of two to multiple teams in Florida and around the world. With human-focused translation services, we ensure the integrity of a leading agency marvelled by the many trusted clients we have served proficiently and effectively - always with 100% quality guarantee.


The EKO 4 Mission is to provide free professional advice, fair fees, and the highest-quality translation services - with clear and close client communication at every step and every location. As a premier translation agency, EKO 4 delivers timely service, especially for time-sensitive document translation requests. Our time-tested and proven communication standards is more than the strategic advantage that guarantees customer satisfaction. It has earned trust, praise, and return from clients the world over.

Our 25 year of expertise

EKO 4 has proven over three decades that a translation company with profound, proprietary foundations, a database of industry's finest, most trusted global translators, and an unparalleled commitment to unmatched customer service excellence translates to the highest quality of translation services.

  • 1991

    EKO 4 Brand establishment – translations by typewriting machine
  • 1996

    Translations computerization and expansion
  • 2001

    International Certifications
  • 2007

    Operations expansion
  • 2012

    Translation memory and project management cloud systems implementation
  • 2014

    Establishing Operations on the European market with HQ in England
  • 2016

    Multi award winning in England
  • 2018

    Brand re-establishment and modernization Florida

Nine reasons to choose EKO 4 professional translation services Florida for your needs

EKO 4 Translations Florida is a proud members of:

Elevate Manhattan BNI

Organizations trusted EKO 4`s Certified Translations Services

One of the most trusted professional translation company in Florida and globally with many international awards and nominations

EKO 4 professional translation services Florida is multi award winning and nominated for:

  • International Business of the year
  • Customer service award of the year
  • Highly Recommended award
  • Special Chairman award
Excellence in supply awards CIR business continuity awards
fsb finalist
fsb highly recommended
fsb award winner
  • International Business of the year
  • Customer service award of the year
  • Highly Recommended award
  • Special Chairman award
Rewards for our quality, accuracy & excellence guarantee
SBA Award Finalist
Greater Manchester Award
e3 customer service award
e3 international business of the year award
AWARD WINNER FOR 3 consecutive years 2016/ 2017 / 2018
We have been rewarded for our great effort of delivering services to our personal and business customers accepted in by any organisation in Florida or abroad in over 89 countries. Whether it is a small, mid-size or large project, local for the state of Florida, national or international, we have it covered
Our professional translation company will continue the trend by provision of superb client satisfaction

We are investing back in the society by sponsoring a number of non-profit organizations

Beacon Counselling Trust

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BBCSky News21st century fox
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