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EKO 4 provides a 100% guaranteed certified translation service required by any business or organization for U.S. Immigration (USCIS) purposes or other governmental and official use. These particular translations are handled exclusively by our qualified and sworn certified translators, following our exact process, and formatted in the specific manner required for the particular application or use. Whether the certified translation is required for personal, academic, legal, corporate, medical or immigration need, EKO 4’s standardized certification procedure guarantees 100% acceptance by any state, federal or any international authority.

Certified translation services are priced by the page. A standard page submitted for certified translation generally consists of up to 250 words and numbers; some original documents might require more translation pages than reflected in the original source document’s length. If you are unsure of the page count, our team of professional certified translation experts will help calculate the exact page count of your documents and provide a free quote

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Benefits of using EKO 4 translation service America

Professional translation company you can trust verified by official and non-official bodies

Certified translation for every industry

No matter your industry, EKO 4 provides certified translation with the professionalism, speed, and accuracy your business requires. Uniquely skilled, highly educated, unparalleled in their professionalism and unmatched in expertise, each certified translator is an expert in their language - and your industry.

For certified translation, we select only a certified translator that has earned advanced collegiate degrees in English studies or related fields. Once vetted by our strict application and interview process, each signs non-disclosure, privacy, and confidentiality agreements, which are updated as required by specific clients.

EKO 4 Translations Florida Provides professional and accurate translation service
for up to 72 languages

At EKO 4, each certified translator is a skilled professional passionate about their work. Highly educated, a well-traveled global citizen, and friendly at heart, they handle every certified translation assignment with enthusiasm and a deep knowledge that allows them to achieve EKO 4’s 100% accuracy guarantee.

Since our first translation in 1991, EKO 4 has delivered certified translations performed by certified translators - to countless customers from every corner of the globe. Our professionalism, process, and precision - backed by our 100% quality guarantee - turns first-time users into repeat customers looking for a partner certified translator to meet their certified translation needs.



At EKO 4, each certified translation is more than an assignment. It’s a collaborative effort to ensure our certified translator’s precision is perfect for the client’s project. Even before they’re handed any client’s certified translation package, even before they become a valued part of EKO 4, every member of the certified translator team has been recruited, vetted, interviewed, and undergone certified translation examinations. From the certified translator to the linguist, editor, and project manager, projects are translated then proofread multiple times to ensure each adheres to our 100% accuracy guarantee.

Few are new to the certified translation industry. Many of our certified translators, linguists, and editors have experience in multi-cultural and international project management. They are accustomed to ensuring the finished work product speaks to the client’s needs, mission, and intended market and culture anywhere in the world.

Professionalism, precision, competitive pricing - backed by our 100% quality guarantee. EKO 4 speaks your language.

One of the most trusted professional translation company in Florida and globally with many international awards and nominations

EKO 4 professional translation services Florida is multi award winning and nominated for:

  • International Business of the year
  • Customer service award of the year
  • Highly Recommended award
  • Special Chairman award
fsb finalist
fsb highly recommended
fsb award winner
  • International Business of the year
  • Customer service award of the year
  • Highly Recommended award
  • Special Chairman award
Rewards for our quality, accuracy & excellence guarantee
SBA Award Finalist
Greater Manchester Award
e3 customer service award
e3 international business of the year award
AWARD WINNER FOR 3 consecutive years 2016/ 2017 / 2018
We have been rewarded for our great effort of delivering services to our personal and business customers accepted in by any organisation in Florida or abroad in over 89 countries. Whether it is a small, mid-size or large project, local for the state of Florida, national or international, we have it covered
Our professional translation company will continue the trend by provision of superb client satisfactiction

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